Learn how to scuba dive ✔️
Try all the street food in Vietnam✔️
Try vodka in Russia with Russians✔️
Make a blog about me and tings I want to do
Grow a vertical garden
Run a triathlon
Write something that I’m proud of 
Star gaze in Finland while the Northern Lights are on display
Skinny dip on Fraser Island
Live in Berlin and improve my German
Go to Venezuela and visit Angel Falls
Sponsor a school in Uganda
Volunteer for an orphanage
Do yoga once a day
Bungee Jump in New Zealand
Do a ski season 
Learn how to ride a horse properly and eventually jump on it
Kiss a stranger while sober
Make what I love a career
Teach english to children in China (inspired to by my aunty)
Eat a whole lobster (inspired to and with Joe)
Be able to do a handstand for thirty seconds without any support
Feed crocodiles✔️
Start a fashion trend
Spot the Loch Ness Monster
Do the Macarena at Machu Picchu
Camp at Ayers Rock
Four Wheel Drive in South Australia
Join a protest
Have a crazy night in Vegas
Yell “I am King Kong” off a building in New York
Make and eat a pretzel


Of course I’ll keep adding!
Let me know what kind of ideas you have for your bucket list 🙂

Sophie xx


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