Alonesome in Awesomeness

Exciting news to all of you…especially to me!

 I’m going to be backpacking in Vietnam for a few weeks!!


Although going on exchange to Austria when I was 16-17 I couldn’t say that I have travelled ‘alone.’ My understanding of travelling alone is leaving on a plane with no organisation guiding you none to hold you back and for you to fully experience another country with your own eyes.  I feel its as if you go for a walk or adventure if you go by yourself your much more open to whats around you such as the noise nature makes compared to when your with someone. I am so excited to finally be travelling alone in a foreign country for this reason!

The food and culture and exciting me so much already!

I will arrive on Tuesday the 1st of July!! Let me know whether you have any recommendations or places to see!

Keep up with the blog posts for the next few weeks as they are sure to be a treat!

Sophie xx


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