Kiama & Fam

I have a lot of family in Kiama and have been here numerous times but to tell you the truth the most touristy thing I have done is seen the Blowhole, Kiama’s main attraction. Today I set off to explore other tourist options Kiama has to offer and to spend a lot of time with my

Yesterday morning due to my family working I had a chance to explore. First off  I wanted to start off with a swim and headed off to the heard-of-but-haven’t-seen rockpool on the headland. In Australia the water is amazingly warm at the moment and was 18’C. In my posts to come you’ll find that water in all my journeys are a must I love it and it makes me feel fantastic. My meditation this morning was fabulous, once again I focused upon the water dripping down my back as bringing myself to my body and focusing on my breathwork as a way to ignore the thoughts that come into every mind.


After visiting and having lunch with Grandma in Shellharbour, she’s a treat I swear she always has my biggest weakness (Chocolate) in her cupboard. I went back to Kiama and picking up my cousin, Tayhla she took me to Saddleback Mountain Lookout . If you have the chance definitely come up here! It was beautiful and you could see the coast span forever.

I then went and rode Angus, my cousin’s horse which being a beginner was a laugh a minute. Every visit I’m getting better and better. I’m now learning to canter and love the feeling of being on a horse, the freedom and challenge it sets is breathtaking.


I finished off my day in the water with another cousin Emma, it was still amazingly warm, even at 5pm! We went to Kendalls Beach and although it usually doesn’t have many waves there were a lot of shore dumpers (shories) and we got absolutely pummelled (on purpose). A favourite of mine if thewaves are quite small, is laying exactly where they break and get wished around and brought back to shore. The feeling, for me, is like a massage with a lot more sand involved. Be prepared.

Living in the eastern suburbs of Sydney I sometimes find it difficult to get myself of the bubble I find myself in. I left the city for a couple of days just to remind myself that its not all hustle and bustle, and if you have a chance exploration is never not an option!

Sophie xx


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