Travel… :D

Just the word travel makes me smile and you know what they say a smile is the best makeup a girl can wear. When I was younger Camping was how we travelled, we went on a big trip every year and no matter what every public holiday was a camping weekend. My family and about 4 other families decided every two years a camping reunion (even though we lived in the same town) was in order.  Camping we decided wasn’t a destination it was about two weeks of stopping on the side of the road maybe in national parks, wherever there was water and spending a few nights at a destination.

From waking up early every morning where you can see your breathe due to the chilly climate too watching the fire so closely that you’ll either burn your eyebrows or as my dad and I do fall asleep. From the numerous ways of learning how to cheat playing cards, have you ever played Spoons 😉 The various skit nights which are considered a surprise, but everyone know’s one is bound to happen so one family just happens to bring a bag full of wigs. These are some of my favourite memories of camping and this is how I learnt to love travelling.

Oversea’s as we call it in Australia, as everything is literally OVERSEA’S has always made me wander. I visited Hawaii with my family in 2005 (11 yrs old) and was astounded that spending $2 (in AU would buy me two freddo frogs) bought me a super-sized Kit Kat. This made me question what else is different in the US compared to Australia. Which went on for me to ask, how are other countries are different then Australia? Different to how I grew up? Just because of all the difference does that mean that they can’t understand?

I believe through understanding we can come to unification. Unification across cultures and societies. Through travelling I want to explore another’s country and make it mine and extend that understanding to all of you J First I believe in understanding yourself and discovering what it means to you to be you. Repeat that last sentence just to make sure you understand.
I’m on the way to living my dream and I want to share it with you.

 Sophie xx

P.s This is up on my travel page check it out and don’t forget to have a quick peek at my
bucket list or tips 🙂


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