Meditation leads to Mindfulness


                                                                           Moves your senses
                                                                           Exploration of oneself
                                                                           Detoxes your mind
                                                                           Inquire within
                                                                           Travel anywhere
                                                                           Embrace liberation

Meditation illuminates places in not only your mind but your body that you’ve never experienced before! It’s an amazing strategy that will help improve your day to day life! Through meditation I can balance out my day and feel absolutely revived for the weeks activities!

my first experience of meditation

I tried my first meditation when I was at the beach, usually thats my decision making spot and I said to myself “I want to try new things and I’ve been wanting to try this for a while” which followed with my personal motto of “WHY NOT?” I sat down, crossed my legs, closed my eyes and eventually came to a regular breathing pattern. Of course its only natural for you to think! Thoughts race across my brain every second the trick is to not pay attention to them. (I know how do you do that?!) How do you not pay attention to something you naturally do? I pay attention to my body, especially the feelings that surround my body. I think to myself where on my body is touching another body part? Can I feel that slice of sun on my skin? What reaction do I have to it? Where exactly on my body is that slice of sun? This is when I start getting tingles. Tingles all over my body and it is awesome and astounding all at once. Try these techniques out and let me know how it goes!

Sophie xx


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